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Here is introduces the salient features of the guide as well as the entrance test patterns followed by the Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan UniversityAs the CMAT score is the pre-requisite for admission to different programs under the faculty of management, the candidates appearing in the CMAT have to be profoundly prepared on the specified subject matter as well as the test patterns. Besides, they should be much aware of the techniques of preparation and the ways of study.

This MKScmat practice Portal has the following salient features, for which the candidates appearing for the entrance test of the Faculty of Management are expected to use it as a pathfinder on their way to the courses of management.
֍MKScmat is carefully prepared by experienced professionals.

֍ It covers a wide range of exercises on the specified subject areas for the entrance exam of the faculty of management

֍ Each exercise is followed by the answer key.

֍MKScmat introduces CMAT, its test format, objectives, nature, and other relevant matters.

֍ It contains the practice test items with the average difficulty level so that the candidates who have
just completed the school level education will be encouraged to practice more exercises of the same type on their own.

CMAT: Introduction and Purpose

Central Management Admission Test, CMAT, in short, is the entrance test conducted by the Faculty of Management for selecting the candidates on a competitive basis. A candidate seeking admission to BBA, BIM, BHM, and BTTM should be able to qualify himself/ herself through this test.
The purpose of CMAT is to measure a candidate’s ability to think systematically and logically and employ the reading skills that they have acquired throughout their schooling years.
The specific purposes of the test are to assess the abilities and aptitude of the candidates for the business studies course and to assess the overall performance and the relative standing of candidates to assist the campuses in their enrollment decisions. The test is conducted on different campuses as arranged by the

Faculty of Management
The test is conducted on the following broad areas.
Verbal Ability Quantitative Ability
Logical Reasoning General Awareness

The Test Format

Central Management Admission Test follows a specified pattern. The test covers a wide range of subject areas, such as Verbal Ability, Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Ability, and General Awareness. Each section is allocated a different weightage and time boundary.
The following Table presents the mark scheme and the timing for each of the above-mentioned areas of the test.


The test carries a full marks of 100 and it must be completed within 90 minutes.

Objectives and Nature of CMAT

The main objective of the test is to measure a candidate’s understanding of the concepts. It is an intelligence and aptitude test. The test aims at testing the students’ language skills, quantitative skills, reasoning skills, basic concepts of business, and economics that are required for the eligibility to get admitted to the courses of management. The test also aims at testing the candi• date’s awareness about general happenings in the field of business and economics around the world. Most of the test items are of general type. Regarding the types of questions, all the questions are multiple-choice items. The difficulty level of the test items is maintained so carefully that a student of an average intelligence level can solve most of the questions. Though the candidates will have to have the knowledge of mathematics and English up to a higher secondary level, there is no limit to the range and depth of general awareness.

Some Tips for the test

A candidate is not supposed to score good marks in the entrance test only by making an excellent preparation but by being aware of the techniques of taking the test. The candidates taking the entrance test should be very careful about the following things:

֍ Reading the instructions: The candidates are required to read the instructions or directions given at the beginning of each section of the test very carefully.

֍ Strategies for solving problems: There are questions of different difficulty levels. The candidates are suggested to go through the questions thoroughly first and then attempt the questions of average difficulty level or the easy ones first. It is good to spare more time for the difficult test items after having solved the easy questions.

֍ Speed: Though the students should not make haste in the name of finishing the test fast, they have to be very aware of the limited time. Each question gets around 1 minute, therefore, they have to be able to maintain time for each test item. For testing the speed, the candidates may take the test on their own using the practice test items and the past entrance test models included in the guide.

֍ State of mind: The more hopeless and nervous a candidate turns during the examination, the more are the chances of spoiling the test. Therefore, the candidates are advised to sit in the exam with a cool mind and keep away the worries.

֍ Filling up the personal details: The candidates should be very careful about writing their details in the answer sheet. They should try to maintain neatness in writing and should not overcorrect the answer they have selected once.

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