Get Access

To get access to the course, first register and activate your account through email or send a request to the administrator, then apply for the course and wait for acceptance.
Step-by-step instructions are provided below.

Chose the course

You may use the ppt, desktop video, or mobile video to help you if you have a difficulty when signing up, applying for a course, or managing a course.

It is necessary to clean the cache of your browser from time to time in order to use the LMS site effectively.

Step by Step tutorial

Click register button


Fill the form

Put a simple user name that is simply your first name (do not leave a space between the user name), then simple passwords that you won’t forget, then your name and the cellphone number, and then click finish registration.

MKS register 2

Activate your account

There will be an activation link in your email that you have entered in the registration. Click it to activate.

Login to website

Log in to the website using a user name or an email address together with a password, and then choose “remember me” so that you do not have to log in every time you visit.


Select the course

You should choose the course that you wish to enroll in.

Select course 5

Apply for course

Apply for the Course and either wait for a response from the instructor or message the instructor directly.

MKS Apply for course

Start the Course

After the instructor has authorized the course, you may begin the student course.

Continue Course 7

Select Topic

Choose a subject and a subtopic and then click on it to access material.

Select topics 8

Video Tutorial for Desktop

Video Tutorial for Mobile

How to Sign Up PPT