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To get Access on course, register the specific portal then activate your account on your email or request to administrator then apply for course and wait for approve.
Step by step guidance given below.

chose course

GRE | GMAT | SAT | CMAT | BE Entrance 



Click register button

MKS register 1

Fill the form

Put simple user name, first name only ( do not keep gap on user name)then put valid email then simple passwords so that you couldn’t forget then your name them mobile number and click complete sign up.

MKS register 2

Activate your account

Open your email which you have put in register there would be activation link click it to activate 

Login to website

Log in on website with user name or email with password and also click remember me so than you not need to log in again and again.

MKS login 3

Select the course

Select the course in which you want to get in. 

Select course 5

Apply for course

Apply for Course and either wait for instructor response or message instructor.

MKS Apply for course

Start the Course

After approve course by instructor you can start course 

Continue Course 7

Select Topic

Select Topic and subtopic and click it to get content 

Select topics 8

How to access to MKSprep Course in Mobile? Video

If you have any problem comment below i will response