GMAT is a global Entrance examination for MBA College, however another excessive additionally accepts the GMAT Test. There are 4 major sections in GMAT Analytical Writing Assessment, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Verbal Reasoning. Rating and time for different provinces are the next.

۩ AWA - 1 Topic - 30 Minute
۩ IR - 12 Questions - 30 Minute 
۩ Quantitative - 31 Questions - 62 minute 
۩ Verbal - 36 Questions - 65 Minute 

GMAT contains the topics of analytical writing, quantitative, verbal and reading skills in standard written English which are computer-adaptive test based. This exam conducted by GMAC it cost approximately $ 250. This test is taken to get addission admission into a graduate management program, such as MBA and Masters in Finance related courses in top business schools all over the world.

Graduate Management Admission Test is the full form of GMAT its Official Website is conducted by GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council). It is most popular for MBA courses and it is also accepted for MS programs.

There are not any hard and fast criteria set by GMAC, but candidates should meet eligibility criteria set by the university/college where candidates getting to apply for courses.

In the age range, 13 years to 18 years candidates should have permission in writing from their parents or legal guardian but after completed 18 years elderly there’s no legal issue and there’s no upper limit age bar.

Maximum 6 months before and a minimum 24 hours before you’ll register for the GMAT exam however candidates should register their date at the right time to make sure an opportunity for getting a date.

Candidates obtain a link on their registered E-mail ID from GMAC.

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GMAT scores are legitimate for an interval of 5 years.

GMAT Exam Pattern

Analytical Writing (Essay)

You’ll have to write an essay – Analysis of an argument. Your essay ought to critique an argument introduced to you.

Scoring Range:  0 to 6 in intervals of 0.5

Competitive Score: 5 and above.

Time: 30-minute

 Topic: 1

Integrated Reasoning

There are 4 variants of questions that appear in this section. Total of 12 multiple-choice questions. You will be unable to skip any question nor will you be able to return to a question after you’ve gotten confirmed your response to the question.

Scoring Range: 1 to 8 in intervals of 1 point increment. 

Duration: 30 minutes. 

Out of 12 Questions 4 are non scored or unscored Section. 

Graphic Interpretation

Data is presented within the type of a pie chart or a line diagram or a bar chart or a scatter diagram. One to two questions per graph.

Table Analysis

Data are presented in tabular form. One or two questions per table.

Multi Source Reasoning

Data from 2 or 3 sources. A graph, a table, and a paragraph or any combination. 1 to 3 questions.

Two Part Analysis

A question has two parts. Your response to both parts should be correct. No partial credit for getting only one of the two parts right.

Quantitative Reasoning

Within the Quantitative Reasoning section, there are 31 Multiple Choice Questions in 62 Minutes. There are two sorts of questions (i) Problem Solving: About 2/third of the items with five choices per Question, and Just one alternative is right (ii)  Data Sufficiency: About 1/third of the questions, Question adopted by two statements.

This one is a Computer Adaptive Section; your response to the previous Question decides the level of difficulty of every  Question shown to you. An accurate answer might end in a stricter question, an incorrect one a neater problem.

Scoring Range: 1 to 60 in intervals of 1 point increment. 

Duration: 62 minutes. 

Out of 31 Questions 2/3 are problem solving (PS) and 1/3 are Data sufficient Questions.

Verbal Reasoning

Scoring Range: 1 to 60 in intervals of 1 point increment. 

Duration: 65 minutes. 

Out of 35 Questions