Best GMAT classes in Kathmandu, Nepal

Best GMAT Classes in Kathmandu, Nepal (Preparation & Practice Center).

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Best GMAT Classes in Kathmandu, Nepal (Preparation & Practice Center).

We are the Best GMAT Classes in Kathmandu, Nepal (Preparation & Practice Center) you can compare our study materials and services with others  

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Online & Physical

You can join Online or Physical Classes for the GMAT course, and you can switch from one to another at any time. 

Class Recording

You can get access to class recordings for both Physical and online classes.


Verbal: Bijay Shivakotee

Quantitative: Manoj K. Singh

Unlimited Class

Our classes and support are assessable even after your course is finished till you get your desired score.

Digital Practice

More than 200 Time-bound tests are in our LMS Portal; tests are like actual GMAT tests.

LMS Portal

LMS (Learning Management System) manages and plans your study timeline, which is available only to us in Nepal.

The GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is an important standardized exam often required for business schools and MBA programs. This exam has four main sections: the Analytical Writing Assessment, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Verbal Reasoning. The Analytical Writing Assessment involves writing a 30-minute essay that analyzes an argument. The Integrated Reasoning section consists of 12 questions that test your ability to interpret data from multiple sources. The Quantitative Reasoning section contains 31 multiple-choice questions related to algebra, arithmetic, and geometry while the Verbal Reasoning section includes 36 questions that cover reading comprehension, critical reasoning, and sentence correction. In sum, the GMAT evaluates your critical thinking capacity, problem-solving skills, and communication abilities; moreover, it adapts to your performance by presenting increasingly difficult questions as you continue with the exam.

Best GMAT Classes in Nepal
Best GMAT Classes in Kathmandu

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Shatakshi Adhikari
Shatakshi Adhikari
Teachers are well experiences , online and physical class make us easier to study.porter are also available which is very helpful to u
Suraksha Thapa
Suraksha Thapa
experience teacher with friendly environment ❣️🥰
Nikita Gauli
Nikita Gauli
Has everything that you are looking for an abroad study.
Emmaja Rai
Emmaja Rai
The best thing about MKS is that it provides unlimited service even after your intake dates are over.
Manish Karki
Manish Karki
Best IELTS and SAT preparation class in Nepal
Hii Rabin
Hii Rabin

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