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MKSprep is Best GRE Class in Nepal. We provide online all over the world and classroom training in Nepal. Since GRE is online Test so Students need to practice and prepare online rater than offline book base practice. Unfortunately this practice not available in Nepal But we provide international level online and offline practice recourses at nominal price point. 

About GRE Test

Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is one of the biggest assessment program conducted by the Education Testing Service (ETS). From more than 160 countries, over 150 thousand students take GRE for their higher study. ETS has set over 10 thousand test center set up all over the world. GRE scorer gets admission for Master and PhD. of Science, law, management and other courses, around the world. Thousands of business accepting GRE score all over the world.

Or we can understand with this figure 


GRE Real Test could appre in any order but first section always be Analytical Writing section. There would be unscored section in GRE and it could be in any order. Chart below make concept more clear 


Types of Question in Quantitative Reasoning 


Eligibility, Age Criteria & Educational Qualification

Anyone can register for a test with any age and Qualification but she/he must have valid passport. ETS has not published any criteria regarding age and Qualification however candidates supposed to possess for graduate and post-graduate programs in any discipline.

Cost for different category

GRE Cost for different category
Application for the GRE General Test Fee = $205
Late Registration Fee = $25
Standby testing Fee = $25
Changing the test center Fee = $50
Rescheduling fee for rest of the world Fee = $50
GRE Subject Change Fee = $50

How to register for GRE online?

For online registration, students should following steps.

1. Create ETS accounts on ETS official Page.
2. Select the required test format either GRE General or GRE Subject Test.
3. Select convince Date and Test center near you.
4. entry your academic details on form.
5. pay registration fee by either international card or by bank who procced online payment for you.
Note: all information which you have filled in form must be matched with information in your Passport.

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