GRE Test 2021 – Dates, Registration, Fee, Format, Eligibility, Criteria for Nepal

gre Test 2021 fees in Nepal

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About GRE Test

The Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is one of the biggest assessment programs conducted by the Education Testing Service (ETS). From more than 160 countries, over 150 thousand students take the GRE for their higher studies each year. ETS has over 10,000 test centers set up all over the world. A GRE scorer gets admission to master’s and PhD programs in science, law, management, and other fields around the world. Thousands of businesses accept GRE scores all over the world.

Candidates’ GRE scores are accepted in tens of thousands of master’s and doctoral programs across the globe. GRE scores are accepted by over 1,200 business schools across the globe, including top-ranked MBA programs according to The Financial Times, U.S. News & World Report, and Bloomberg Businessweek, as well as a few US law schools. In this post, we’ll go through each and every element of the GRE Exam. What are the GRE eligibility criteria for the year 2021?

Why should you take the GRE?

The GRE General Test is needed for students seeking a master’s, MBA, or Ph.D. in addition to being one of the most widely recognized exams by institutions for admission to graduate programs. In addition, students take the GRE test in order to be considered for a merit-based graduate school scholarship. Thousands of graduate institutions across the globe accept the GRE Test. Aside from that, GRE exam results are accepted by a number of business and law schools, as well as numerous departments within these institutions.

When should you take the GRE?

There is a lot of misunderstanding about the best time to take the GRE Exam. Candidates should know that both the GRE at Home and the GRE in a test center are offered all year. Candidates who are unsure when to take the GRE examination are encouraged to take it once they have thoroughly studied for it. According to several industry experts, the best time to take the GRE test is 30-45 days before your university application deadline. In this manner, applicants will have ample time to retake the GRE if necessary.

What is the validity of a GRE score?

GRE Validity: Many applicants are perplexed regarding the validity of their GRE scores. Candidates who have taken the GRE should be aware that their GRE results are valid for five years from the exam date. As a result, anybody who took the GRE on September 3, 2021, may submit their results until September 2, 2026.

Types of GRE Tests

The GRE General Test and the GRE Subject Test are the two categories of GRE tests.

What exactly is the GRE General Test?

The GRE General Test is taken by students seeking admission to MS programs in various disciplines in the United States and other countries. This exam assesses a candidate’s analytical writing, quantitative aptitude, and verbal reasoning abilities. The GRE Exam is offered all year, and students may take the GRE General Test whenever they choose. A significant number of students choose this exam since most institutions accept GRE results across the globe. In regions of the globe where computer-delivered testing is not accessible, the paper-delivered GRE General Test is given twice a year.

What exactly is the GRE Subject Test?

The GRE Subject Test assesses a candidate’s knowledge of a certain subject. Mathematics, Literature (English), Physics, Psychology, and Biology, Chemistry, and Biochemistry are among the subjects tested (Cell and Molecular Biology). This exam is often needed for entrance to specialized courses. In most places throughout the globe, the GRE General Exam is available year-round as a computer-delivered test.

GRE General Test Format

Measure Allotted Time Score No. of Questions
Analytical Writing (One section with two separately timed tasks) One Analyze an Issue and one Analyze an Arguments tasks 30 minutes per task 0 - 6
Quantitative Reasoning (2 - Section) 20 - Questions Per section 35 minutes per task 130 - 170
Verbal Reasoning (2 - Section) 20 - Questions Per section 30 minutes per task 130 - 170
Unscored/Reasurch Verbal or Quantitative Section Verbal or Quantitative Section No Score

Or we can understand with this figure 


GRE Real Test could appear in any order, but the first section always is the Analytical Writing section. There would be an unscored section in GRE, and it could be in any order. The chart below makes the concept more clear. 


Types of Question in Quantitative Reasoning 


What are the GRE Eligibility Criteria for the Year 2021?

Qualifying for the GRE Exam: According to ETS, there are no particular eligibility requirements for the GRE Exam. This GRE test is open to everyone, regardless of age or credentials. The sole consideration is that they will be asked to provide their original passport as evidence of identification at the test location; therefore, applicants must have a current passport before registering for the GRE.

GRE Age Requirements

Candidates who wish to take the GRE do not have any age limitations.

Educational Qualifications for the GRE

ETS has not made any public statements on the qualifications needed to sit for the GRE Exam. Candidates must, however, have a graduate degree from a recognized institution in any field.

Eligibility, Age Criteria & Educational Qualification

Anyone can register for a test of any age and Qualification, but they must have a valid passport. ETS has not published any criteria regarding age and Qualification; however, candidates must possess for graduate and post-graduate programs in any discipline.

What is cost for GRE Test In Nepal?

GRE Test fees 2021 for different category in Nepal

Cotogoty Price in Dollor Price in NRS
The application fee for the GRE General Test $205 NRS 24,000
Late Registration Fee $25 NRS 3,000
Standby testing Feey $25 NRS 3,000
Changing the test center Fee $50 NRS 6,000
Rescheduling fee for rest of the world Fee $50 NRS 6000
GRE Subject Change Fee $50 NRS 6,000

How to register GRE Test in Nepal?

For online registration, students should follow the steps.

1. Create ETS accounts on ETS official Page.
2. Select the required test format, either GRE General or GRE Subject Test.
3. Select convince Date and Test center near you.
4. entry your academic details on the form.
5. pay the registration fee by either an international card or the bank who procced online payment for you.
Note: all information you have filled in the form must be matched with information in your Passport.

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