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MKSprep is the Finest physical & online GRE Class in Kathmandu, Nepal. We offer physical as well as online classes all around the world and in Nepal. Since GRE is an online Test students have to practice and prepare online rather than offline e-book base practice. Sadly these practices are not obtainable in Nepal, however, we offer international-level online and offline practice resources.

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Table of Contents

GRE classes in Nepal

Post Class Plan

Sufficient Practice materials for post-class. 50 GMAT Tests, 45 GRE tests, 25 SAT tests, and tons of PDF books and practice questions.

Video Lecture

More than 100 video lectures for  each topic, concept video, and tests explanation videos

Time Bound Tests

More than 200 time-bound tests like the real test format for the topic-wise tests, section-wise tests, and combined tests.

Intracctive PPT

Full function interactive PPT (Slide Show) for each topic. You can control on your device any time anywhere.

What is with us that others do not have?

Thousands of students take GRE from Nepal every year from different backgrounds like Engineering, medical, literature, IT, and others. students can take GRE test after completing a bachelor’s degree for master’s in USA and Canada and after Masters for doctoret programs.

GRE preparation institutes

There are very few GRE preparation institutes in Nepal and most of them are outdated, lack good manpower, lack research, and proper management. Some of them really do a good job and we are one of them. You should do good research before joining such important classes.

How to choose GRE intitute in Nepal

As you know this is the most important exam in your life which decide the direction of your life so you choose an institution, wisely. I have discussed some points on how to choose an institute

Online practice materials

GRE is an online test so hard copy practice materials do not work to crack GRE, so institutions must have online practice materials as a time-bound test for each section.

Time bound tests

if you practice from only PDF then you may panic during the real tests, also time management can not be improved just by practising on PDF or hard copy. That’s why institutions must have online time-bound tests like real GRE Test


GRE is a very technical course it is difficult to handle by anyone, only experience matters here. some institutes introduce a fresser to handle GRE just for generating income for the institution. So you should ask about Instructor experience you should also try to find out the profile of the instructor personally.

Students feed back

Most institutes hide their feedback from students you must analyse student feedback and their rating. You may see their review and rating on Google and Facebook.

Post-class support

Most of the institute does not have a post-class plane at all. Without post-class support, it is impossible to crack GRE Test.


Again, for such an important exam in your life, you should research all the above points before enrolling in the institute.

GRE in MKSprep

Finally, it’s about us. With an emphasis on high-quality teaching techniques and complete support to help students develop in their careers, MKSprep is the largest test prep centre in Nepal, and it is the strongest in the industry. We are now giving the finest GRE class in Nepal, taught by instructors who are both highly experienced and focused on getting students good scores on the GRE.
We have the greatest GRE class in Nepal because we provide a considerable number of practice materials to our students, as well as cutting-edge technology to help them succeed. 

All the above points are with us. You can ensure by our Google rating we have a 5-star rating so for and it is the high level of satisfaction from students.

GRE Live Online Class in Nepal

We are conducting GRE classes at the most favourable time for the job holder however you can take online classes or hybrid classes 

We provide post-class support for students after GRE class. we provide

1.  20 full-length tests with answer key and explanation

2. 200 section-wise tests

3. Video lecture for each topic 

4. Tons of PDF practice materials and Books

On the MKSprep LMS site, you could access free GRE tools that will help you improve your score and knowledge.


Our Instructors

MKSprep -The best test preparation centre in Nepal.

Mr. Vijay Siwakoti 

Nepal’s Most experienced and score-oriented instructor is himself an American college graduate so, so he better knows in and out of the American education system. he is a full-time GRE | GMAT | SAT | Language proficiency test instructor since 2000.


Manoj K. Singh 
Highly experienced and score-oriented Instructor. To address the needs of students and to make Tests easy he has developed  Learning Management System (LMS), which managed students’ overall study. 

GRE Test structure

۩ AW – 2 Topic (Analyse an Issue – 30 Minutes & Analyse an Arguments – 30 Minutes)
۩ Quantitative – 2 section – 20 questions for each section – 35 minute for each section 
۩ Verbal – 2 section – 20 questions for each section – 30 minute for each section

۩ Research – 1 section – could be Verbal or Quantitative section – 30 or 35 minutes 

What is GRE

Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is among the greatest evaluation program performed by the Education Testing Service (ETS). From greater than 160 nations, over 150 thousand college students take GRE for his or her higher study. ETS has set over 10 thousand test facilities to arrange everywhere in the world. GRE scorer will get admission for Master and PhD. of Science, law, administration, and different programs, worldwide. Hundreds of companies accepting GRE score everywhere in the world.
GRE online class

Eligibility criteria for GRE

Anybody can register for a test with any age and Qualification however she/he should have a legitimate passport.

Age criteria for GRE

ETS has not revealed any standards relating to age and Qualification nevertheless candidates supposed to own for graduate and post-graduate programs in any discipline.

Register for the GRE:

For online registration, students ought to follow steps.
1. Create ETS accounts on ETS official web page.
2. Choose the required test format both GRE General or GRE Subject Test.
3. Choose to convince the date and test center close to you.
4. Entry your academic particulars on the form.
5. Pay the registration payment by both international cards or by the bank who procced online costs for you.
Note: all data which you’ve crammed within the form should be matched with data in your Passport.

GRE score report

Candidates obtain a link on their registered E-mail ID from ETS.

GRE score valid

GRE scores are legitimate for an interval of 5 years.

GRE Exam Pattern

gre classes in Nepal

AWA section

You’ll have to write an essay – Analysis of an argument. Your essay ought to critique an argument introduced to you.

Scoring Range:  0 to 6 in intervals of 0.5

Competitive Score: 5 and above.

Time: 30-minute

 Topic: 1

Quantitative Reasoning

Scoring Range: 130 to 170 

Duration: 35 minutes for each section total 70 minute.

Verbal Reasoning is one of the section in GRE. there are two section in verbal reasoning in GRE Test.

best gre classes in kathmandu

Verbal Reasoning

Verbal Reasoning is one of the section in GRE. there are two section in verbal reasoning in GRE Test.

Verbal reasoning tests verbal reasoning ability 

Scoring Range: 130 to 170 

Duration: 30 minutes for each section total 60 minute.

gre order

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We are one of the most professional agencies for the placement of aspirants of abroad study. We care about professionalism utmost. No agency can match the degree of professionalism we possess. Hence, undoubtedly, we are bound to offer you the best team of instructors in town to live up to our reputation.

In Verbal:

֎ We have come up with the fastest and most accurate tricks to crack the Reading Comprehension challenge.

֎ We have developed a full-proof method to crack Sentence Correction questions in record time without any superstitions.

֎ Our Critical Reasoning tricks are the most tested and tried things over a long span of time. There is no such thing on any platform whatsoever

In Quantitative:

֎ We have got fastest methods of computing and solving any quantitative question in some seconds.

֎ We have adopted Vedic mathematical tricks for all sections successfully to improve your accuracy and score.

We provide the best online LMS (Learning Management System) experience which is the first time in Nepal.

֎ We have created a platform for online access to our tests and lessons.

֎ We offer 100s of tests to help track your improvement topic wise.

֎ We offer WhatsApp platform to discuss questions with our instructors on demand.

Our instructors are Mr. Sunil Sengupto [Verbal Reasoning] and Mr. Manoj Kumar Singh [Quantitative Reasoning]. They have established themselves as the most score oriented and innovative trainers in Nepal over two decades.

Our instructors have trained a trail of high scorers with several 90th percentiles over a long period of time. They are also the most successful team for GRE  Prep. Majority of successful admissions to USA Universities. It is fact not fiction.

You should attend our free trial sessions to know how we are different and the most effective class in town.

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Manish Karki
Manish Karki
Best IELTS and SAT preparation class in Nepal
Hii Rabin
Hii Rabin
Dipendra Sada
Dipendra Sada
It's too much good class
Subash Rana Magar
Subash Rana Magar
Great educational institution for GRE from experienced and educated tutor.
Anurag Bhandari
Anurag Bhandari
I have found MKSprep to be highly effective during my preparation of SAT in the quantitative section.
Raman Moktan
Raman Moktan
The class I had taken over there is so cool and good..I understand all whatever those teacher teaches it's pretty good consultancy..🙏
Saisha Dixit
Saisha Dixit
has very useful resources and the explanations are easy to understand. i'd recommend it to anyone looking to prepare for their gmat
suvash pandey
suvash pandey
Best prep classes out there. The contents and the questions are well researched. The teaching methodology is outstanding.
Roshan Chamlagai
Roshan Chamlagai
I'm very satisfied with the teaching methodology here. Experienced teachers and friendly environment for learning.

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GRE in Nepal. Best Online & physical GRE Preparation & Coaching Center in Nepal

GRE in Nepal. GRE Online Live Class in Nepal. Best Online & physical GRE Preparation & Coaching Center in Nepal

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