Living Costs in The USA

Living Costs in The USA

The estimated cost of living in the US is between $10,000 and $18,000 per year or about $1,000 to $1,500 per month on average. This includes the cost of your room and board, food, travel, textbooks, clothes that are right for the weather, and entertainment.

International students like to study in the USA because of its flexible education system, lively campus life, academic excellence, cultural diversity, flexible education system, and many job opportunities. 

 International students’ cost of living in the United States is higher than in places like Canada, France, Malaysia, etc. Some of the questions that can keep coming up in the minds of international students are: where will they live, is the budget planned enough for food, insurance, and study bills, how much money should be set aside for extra costs, etc. In this article, we’ll talk about how much it costs for international students to live in the United States.

How much is it estimated cost to live in the US?

The table below shows how much it is estimated for a student living in the United States based on different costs.

ExpensesAverage cost per year and per month
AccommodationBetween $9,900 and $11,000 a year
FoodAt school: $270 a month/Off-campus: $450 to $650 per month
Health care coverage$800 to $1,200 annually
Travel$500 to $800 a year
Books and things to study$900 to $2,000 annually
Phone subscription$70 monthly
Water, Garbage, and the Sewer$60 to $80 a month.
Clothes$1000 yearly
Home Internet45 to 50 dollars a month

Note that these amounts will be different in each US state.

The information in the table below comes from Trends in College Pricing and Student Aid 2021 by the College Board. Undergraduates can figure out how much tuition and other costs cost on average each year by looking at different types of sectors:

SectorFees and CostsBoard and Room
The two-year public in-district$3,900$9,300
Four-Year Public In-State$10,700$11,900
Public Out-of-State Four-Year$27,500$11,900
Four-Year Private Non-Profit$38,000$13,600

Expenses for Living in the Different States in the USA

It depends on the area where Indian students decide to live in the USA. The cost of living in the USA for students in large cities like New York, Boston, or San Francisco will be much higher than in suburban cities like Seattle, Texas, New Orleans, and others. Here are the average living costs for international students in US cities and suburbs.  

Major citiesThe average monthly costs in the US
San Francisco$4,000
New York City$3,300

Cost of living in American suburbs

Suburban townsThe average monthly costs in the US
The city of New Orleans$2,000

Housing in the United States

Housing AccommodationAverage cost per month or per year
Away from campus$450 per month when shared


$500 per month for a one-bedroom apartment in a rural state

$3,500 per month for a one-bedroom apartment in a city

Stay on campus$9,800 per year for public colleges


$1,100 per year for private schools

Extra Costs of Living in the U.S.

When studying in the US, students should be able to pay for the following things. Due to inflation and other factors, prices may go up by about 6 to 9% per year. According to the EducationData.Org report “College Tuition Inflation Rate,” the annual inflation rate in higher education in the US was 8%. It is recommended to keep $2,000 for extra living costs in the USA. The additional costs of living in the US can include the following:

1. Costs of travel between Nepal and the US during vacation
2. Big purchases like a computer, furniture, or even a rental car.
3. Dental care, eye care, and cosmetic procedures are examples of medical costs that health insurance doesn’t cover.
4. Extra summer costs, like room and board and food, if you stay in the US during the summer when school isn’t in session.
5. Extra costs, such as transportation off campus
Entertainment, social events, and trips on the weekend


Does living in the US cost a lot?

Yes, for international students, the United States is one of the most expensive places to live. But students can work part-time jobs to cut the cost of living. How much it costs to live in the US also depends on a student’s state.

Does it cost a lot for international students to live and stay in the United States?

It costs $9,800 to $11,000 per year for international students to live on campus and $3,500 per month to live off campus in the United States.

How much does it cost for international students to live in the United States?

 International students in the United States will spend between $1,000 and $1,500 per month.

Name the US states where Nepalese students must pay the most each month to live.

Some states with the highest monthly costs are New York, California, Maryland, New Jersey, etc.

List the most affordably priced universities in the US to study for international students.

According to US News & World Report, Brigham Young University – Provo, Nicholls State University, South Dakota State University, etc., are some of the most affordable universities in the US for international students.

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