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Poisson Distribution: – Summary Concept

Poisson Distribution

Poisson Distribution – TU solution MBS 1st Sem.

2021 April back – QN 4b

Fit the Poisson distribution to the following data

x 0 1 2 3 4
f 120 58 5 2 1

2014 – QN – 3b (4.5 Marks)

Fit a Poisson Distribution for the following frequency distribution

No. of defect 4 3 2 1 0
Frequency 2 3 19 65 111

2021 April QN – 9 – 5 marks

An average number of phone calls per minute into the Switchboard of Reddy Company Limited between the hours of 10 AM to 1 PM is 2.5. Find the probability that during one particular minute there wil be (i) exactly 3 calls and (ii) at least 5 calls.

2019 Agust QN 9 – 5 marks

The number of industrial injuries per working week in a particular factory is known to follow a Poisson distribution with mean 0.5. Find the probability that in a particular week there will be: (i) less than 2 accidents, (ii) more than 2 accidents (ii) exactly 2 accidents.

2019 Back QN 8 – Marks

The average number of printing mistakes on each page of a book is 3. Assuming that the number of printing mistakes follows the Poisson distribution. Find the probability that the selected page has (i) no mistakes (i) two mistakes (ii) at least 2 mistakes.

2018 Aug – QN 7  – marks

A local booth of Nepal Telecom receives on average calls 2 per minute. Using Poisson distribution, find the probability of (i) at least three calls (i) at most three calls and ( l) exactly three calls.

2018 June Make up QN 7

If 3% of electronic equipment manufactured by a company is defective, find the probability that in a sample of 300 equipment (I) less than 3 defective equipment (i) more than 3 defective equipment.

2017 Make up Q.No. 11  |2015 Make up Q.No. 8

A manufacturer, who produces medicine bottles, finds that 0.1% of the bottles are defective.

The bottles are packed in boxes containing 500 bottles. A drug manufacturer buys 100 boxes from the producer bottles. Using poison distribution find how many boxes will contain (i) No defective (ii) One defective and (iii) at least two defectives.

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