SAT Date in Nepal

SAT Date in Nepal

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SAT Date in Nepal

SAT Test DateRegistration DeadlineLate Registration DeadlineScore Release
August 27, 2022July 30, 2022August 13, 2022September 9, 2022
October 1, 2022September 3, 2022September 17, 2022October 14, 2022
November 5, 2022October 8, 2022October 22, 2022November 18, 2022
December 3, 2022November 5, 2022November 19, 2022December 16, 2022
March 11, 2023February 11, 2023February 25, 2023March 24, 2023
May 6, 2023April 8, 2023April 22, 2023May 19, 2023
June 3, 2023May 6, 2023May 20, 2023June 16, 2023

Please keep in mind that these dates are subject to change. Please re-check the date on the SAT official site.

Students seeking admission to undergraduate courses in prominent foreign locations such as Australia, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom from Nepal take the SAT, an internationally renowned standardized test.

The applicants’ written, verbal, and mathematical abilities are assessed in this test.

Apart from the general SAT Test, students who want to apply for a specific course may take the SAT Subject Test to demonstrate their knowledge of that subject. Math, History, Science, Literature, and English Literature are among the subject tests available.

Students may take more than one subject test depending on their needs or the requirements of the institution they want to enroll in.

How can I sign up for the SAT Exam?

Students may register for the SAT both online and via mail. Students must establish an account on the College Board’s official website to participate in the online procedure.

Then choose a test day and location and pay the exam cost online.

In addition, students may register for the test late after paying a late fee. Students must verify the SAT test dates before registering.

Online registration

1. Create a student profile. here

2. Select a test date and location (Sunday testing or the option to choose a test center closer to home is not offered)

3. You will get instant confirmation of your registration.

4. You may pay for the test using a credit/debit card or an online money transfer.

5. Typically, registration deadlines are three to four weeks before the exam date.

6. Late registration deadlines are usually two to three weeks before the test date, and there is a late charge if you register late.

SAT SubjectSAT SectionSAT SyllabusNo. of QuestionsDurationScore



Calculator Section1. Heart of Algebra
2. Advanced topic in math

3. Problem-solving and data analysis

4. Additional topic in math

58 Questions55 MinuteMinimum score 200

 Maximum score 800

Non Calculator section20 Questions25 Minute
Verbal ReasoningWriting and LanguageExpression of ideas and standard English conventions through passages relating to Careers, History/Social Studies, Humanities, and Sciences.44 Questions35 MinuteMinimum score 200


Maximum score 800

ReadingSentence Completion, Tests understanding of passages from the US and world Literature, History/Social Studies, and Sciences.52 Questions 65 Minute
EssayOptionalevaluate an argument through the analysis of evidence.1 Topic50 Minutena
Total  1543 hours including essay.1600
CategoryPrice in DollarPrice in NRS Approx.
The application fee for the SAT Test$104NRS 12,000
Late Registration Fee$30NRS 3,500
Changing the date | test center Fee$35NRS 4,100
Waitlist Fee$53NRS 6,300
Register by Phone$15NRS 1,700

SAT Test Dates and Frequently Asked Questions for Nepal

Check out the SAT FAQs to learn more about the test if you still have questions about the SAT and SAT Test dates.

When Should You Take the SAT?

If you want to get the most out of your SAT, you must choose to time it correctly. 

When Are Your College Application Deadlines?

This should be the essential element in your decision. Candidates are encouraged to schedule their SAT tests ahead of time to prevent any last-minute stress.

Candidates should apply 8-10 months ahead of time to have a seamless college admission process.

Do you intend to apply for SAT scholarships?

Another significant consideration is this. Candidates who want to apply for scholarships that need SAT scores should do so ahead of time since scholarships often take longer to complete and involve a lot of documentation. Candidates should be aware that their SAT Score is valid for five years, so they may take the SAT test, apply for an SAT Scholarship, and then utilize the same score for college admissions.

Will You Take the SAT More Than Once?

Your SAT Score is valid for five years, and there is no limit on how many times a candidate may take the SAT Test.

As a result, a candidate may begin as early as possible and appear as often as he or she wants.

How much time will you need to study?

Candidates who need more time to study should plan their examinations according to their needs. The SAT is costly; therefore, students should always study well and be confident in their performance before scheduling an exam.

When is the best time to take the test?

Most students choose to take the SAT in class on the 11th or 12th day of school. Plan to take the SAT exam in such a manner that you will have your SAT results with you throughout the application process.

Can a candidate take the SAT several times?

There are no limits to how many times you can take the SAT exam; you may take it as often as you like. You must, however, pay the registration cost each time you want.

How can I sign up for the SAT?

You may register for the SAT online at, the official website of the College Board. Before enrolling for the SAT exam, double-check the dates shown above.

What is the SAT’s weighted average?

The SAT is currently graded on a scale of 1600 points after revisions in 2016. The math part is worth 800 points, while evidence-based reading and writing are worth 400 points.

When will the SAT exams be held in 2022?

Please see the following page for the SAT Test Dates and Registration for 2022.

What is an acceptable SAT score?

The SAT exam does not include a pass or fail option. The lowest SAT score is 400, while the highest, or perfect score, is 1600. When should you begin studying for the SAT? Preparing for the SAT requires at least 6-12 weeks. Additionally, SAT preparation time varies from person to person. Ensure you leave enough time to get your SAT score before beginning the application process.

Is it permissible for applicants to use a calculator during the SAT exam?

For some parts, candidates may utilize their calculators. Check with the College Board to see which kinds of calculators are permitted since not all types of College Board calculators are permitted.

What is the highest SAT score you have ever received?

The highest SAT score is 1600, while the lowest is 400. An Evidence-Based Reading and Writing score and a Math component are included in the overall SAT score.

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