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GMAT Orientation

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Orientation Time & Date
21th September

Please downloadTeam Appin mobile or laptop to attend orientation and click the given link to join orientation. If do you have a problem during Joining orientation class, watch video

Note: Please join meeting 5 minutes before time. The link will be closed after Class started so, please join before time and keep your internet as strong as possible.

if you have technical problems please call | Viber | WhatsApp: 9869037200

Our class will be conducted on Microsoft teams, most effective online class Platform. We will send User id and Password to the interested candidate after both Quantitative and Verbal Orientation. for more information click teams icon microsoft teams logo

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Why GMAT at MKSprep? We are one of the most professional agencies for the placement of aspirants of abroad study. We care about professionalism utmost. No agency can match the degree of professionalism we possess. Hence, undoubtedly, we are bound to offer you the best team of instructors in town to live up to our reputation. What is special about our GMAT course?

In Verbal:

֎ We have come up with the fastest and most accurate tricks to crack the Reading Comprehension challenge.

֎ We have developed a full-proof method to crack Sentence Correction questions in record time without any superstitions.

֎ Our Critical Reasoning tricks are the most tested and tried things over a long span of time. There is no such thing on any platform whatsoever

In Quantitative:

֎ We have got fastest methods of computing and solving any quantitative question in some seconds.

֎ We have adopted Vedic mathematical tricks for all sections successfully to improve your accuracy and score.

We provide the best online LMS (Learning Management System) experience which is the first time in Nepal.

What is our Online Support?

֎ We have created a platform for online access to our tests and lessons.

֎ We offer 100s of tests to help track your improvement topic wise.

֎ We offer WhatsApp platform to discuss questions with our instructors on demand.

Who are our instructors?

Our instructors are Mr. Sunil Sengupto [Verbal Reasoning] and Mr. Manoj Kumar Singh [Quantitative Reasoning]. They have established themselves as the most score oriented and innovative trainers in Nepal over two decades.

What about our record in scores?

Our instructors have trained a trail of high scorers with several 90th percentiles over a long period of time. They are also the most successful team for GMAT  Prep. Majority of successful admissions to USA Universities. It is fact, not fiction.

You should attend our free trial sessions to know how we are different and the most effective class in town.

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