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MKSprep is the gathering of LMS Portal for a distinct course. It manages students ' study phase and time management for competitive courses . Our LMS portal accommodates a prolonged idea , practice questions, time-bound exams .

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LMS Practice Portals for Subjects

There are thousands of questions in practice portal. Register and Sign in for your practice portal. 

International Aptitute Tests

GRE | GMAT are international aptitude test for students who want to apply for post graduate and PHD in USA and Canada. 

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Graduate Record Examination

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Graduate Management Admission Test



Scholastic Assessment Test

MBA Entrance preparation for Nepal

KUMAT | SOMAT | PUMAT are MBA Entrance Preparation for Nepal

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MBA Entrance for Kathmandu University

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MBA Entrance for Trivuban University



MBA Entrance for Pokhra University

Graduate Entrance preparation for Nepal

CMAT | KUMAT  are BBA Entrance Preparation for Nepal and BE is Engineering entrance preparation. 

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BBA Entrance for Kathmandu University

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BBA Entrance for Tribuban University

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BBA Entrance for Pokhra University

MKSprep's Online Live Classes

Online Live Classes are for GRE | GMAT | SAT going on with highly experienced and score-oriented instructors at a nominal price of only $100. We provide customized class materials books, practice books, pre-recorded videos, and LMS support. We use an advanced platform for online teaching, “Microsoft Teams.” Internet down and electricity cut does not affect our class because we save class recording and slides in our teaching platform.