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GMAT Exam in Nepal (Overview)

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GMAT Exam in Nepal (Overview) 2022

Test Name GMAT
GMAT Test Full FormGraduate Management Admission Test
Supervised byGraduate Management Admission Council [GMAC]
Official Website
 Most popular for MBA courses in USA and Canada
 Also accepted forMS courses in the USA

 MBA courses in other countries

GMAT Test feeUS $250 (NRS 30,000 approx)
Test ModeComputer-based adaptive test[CAT]
Score Range From 200 to 800
GMAT Test Section4 [AW, IR, Quant, Verbal]
GMAT TEST Duration 3 hrs. 7 min. + 2 Optional break(16 min) 
GMAT Test Center in Nepal Kathmandu College of Management (KCM), Gwarko, Kathmandu [Ph.01-15201997]
GMAT Contact

What is GMAT Test?

With the GMAT, you can assess your analytical writing, quantitative, verbal, and reading skills in standard written English. The GMAT exam costs $275. This test is required for graduate management programs such as MBA and Masters in Finance at top business schools worldwide. 

It is now 30 minutes shorter than April 16th, 2018. The exam now lasts 3 hours 30 minutes, including breaks. The Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning sections were each shortened by 13 minutes. Less time was allotted for the Integrated Reasoning and Analytical Writing Assessments. The GMAC has removed only the unscored items from the shortened Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative sections. The GMAT allows candidates to customize their exam experience by selecting the section order that they are most comfortable with

Online GMAT exams

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, GMAC has created the GMAT Online Exam for those who prefer to take the GMAT entrance exam from their home rather than travel to a GMAT test center. Candidates can now take the GMAT exam online or at a testing center nearby.

The most recent GMAT news

GMAC has released the most recent update to the GMAT Online Test.

A candidate’s ability to take the GMAT online exam more than twice will no longer be limited. The online attempts will count toward the GMAT’s overall limit of 5 attempts per rolling 12-month period and 8 attempts per lifetime.
Five free score reports are included with the GMAT online exam. Once the official online exam score is available, the 5 free score reports must be used within 48 hours. For US$35 each, additional score reports can be purchased.

Why should you take the GMAT exam?

It is the most widely accepted MBA admissions exam in the world. No other exam is as widely accepted as the GMAT; according to the GMAC, GMAT scores account for 9 out of 10 MBA enrollments worldwide. Furthermore, GMAT scores are accepted by over 2,300 schools. The GMAT Exam is also administered by 650 testing centers in 114 countries.

Eligibility for the GMAT

As a result, GMAC, the organization that administers the GMAT exam, has not established any eligibility criteria for taking the exam. However, after taking the GMAT, one must always meet the eligibility requirements set by the university/college one wishes to join.

GMAT Age Requirements

The candidate must be at least 18 years old. The candidate’s age has no upper limit. If the candidate is between the ages of 13 and 17, they must have written permission from their parents or legal guardians.

Academic credentials for GMAT

GMAC has not officially stated the qualifications needed to take the GMAT. Candidates for an MBA program must have a graduate degree from a recognized university in any field.

GMAT exam fees in Nepal

The GMAT costs $275, which roughly translates to INR 20,600. Applicants will also be charged extra if they want to change the testing center or reschedule the exam. Those who fail to appear for the test will be charged the full GMAT exam fee.

GMAT Refund Fee

If you cancel between 1 and 14 days before the exam, you will be charged $200, and $50 will be refunded. With 15-60 days’ notice, you will be charged $175, and $75 will be refunded. If you cancel your appointment more than 60 days in advance, you will be charged $150 and refunded $100. Moreover, the test appointment cannot be canceled or changed within 24 hours.

MKS Test Preparation specialty

Physical & Online Class

We have online & Physical classes. You can take either one or both.

Class Recording

We record every class. You can access the class recordings from home.

Unlimited Class

You can access the class until you get desired score.

Best Instructors in Nepal

Our most experienced instructors have the best track record for the best score in Nepal.

Learning Management System Portal

Our LMS portal helps you to manage your whole study plan with tons of study material.

LMS Portal feature

Time-bound Test

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MKS instructors

Bijay Sir f

Verbal Instructor

Mr. Bijay Shivakotee
Nepal’s Most experienced and score-oriented instructor is himself an American college graduate. He has been a full-time GRE | GMAT | SAT | Language proficiency test instructor since 2000.

Manoj in circular frame

Quantitative Instructor

Mr. Manoj K. Singh
Highly experienced and score-oriented Instructor. To address students’ needs and make Tests easy, he developed  Learning Management System (LMS), which managed students’ overall study. 

Fee for GMAT rescheduling

You must pay US$150 to reschedule the exam 1-14 days before the test date. Also, rescheduling the exam 15-60 days prior to the appointment costs US$100. Rescheduling the exam more than 60 days before the test date costs US$50.

GMAT Test registration in Nepal

Log on to, to register for the GMAT; create an account by clicking “Register for the GMAT” and signing up as a member. Please provide your name and date of birth exactly as they appear on your passport. Your account is activated in 48 hours or earlier. Then you will be able to view the available test dates and the KCM test center. The highlighted dates on the displayed online calendar are the available dates. To register for the GMAT, you must have an international credit card; you may register online or over the phone. If you do not possess an international credit card, you can utilize the services of a number of local banks, which will assist you in registering for the exam using your international credit card.

According to GMAC, you can register for the GMAT entrance exam six months before the Graduate Management Admission Test date or no later than 24 hours before the date of the GMAT exam in 2022; however, the slot is not available at the last minute. As a result, it is recommended that you reserve your preferred slot well in advance of the scheduled exam date.

GMAT registration options for 2022:

1.  Online

2. Phone 

3. Post Mail

Online registration is of the most practical nowadays.

Register your GMAT here

GMAT Exam Center in Nepal

Nepal’s only test center is Gwarko at Kathmandu College of Management (KCM). Visit for up-to-date GMAT information.

GMAT exam date in Nepal

There is no official GMAT exam date for 2022; you can choose any date that suits you. If you need to retake the GMAT, you have 16 days to do so. Every 16 days, you can retake the GMAT. You can take the exam up to five times per year. Candidates should register two to three months before the exam date. You can register online or by phone up to 24 hours before the exam. Early registration is safer as you will have a set schedule to prepare for the exam. Even coaching institutes advise you to register as early as possible to maximize your preparation time.

GMAT Syllabus

The GMAT pattern has four parts:

1. Analytical Writing

2. Integrated Reasoning

3. Quantitative Reasoning

4. Verbal Reasoning

 The GMAT is 3 hours and 30-minute test with an 800-point maximum score. The GMAT assesses a candidate’s abilities in a variety of areas. In addition, the GMAT Syllabus is divided into four sections:

Analytical Writing Assessment—evaluates a candidate’s ability to think critically and communicate their thoughts in writing.
Integrated Reasoning is a test that assesses a candidate’s ability to analyze and evaluate data in a variety of formats.
Quantitative Reasoning is a test that assesses a candidate’s ability to analyze data and draw conclusions based on their reasoning abilities.
Verbal Reasoning—tests candidates’ ability to read and comprehend written material, evaluate arguments, and correct written material to conform to standard written English standards.

Calculating Your GMAT Score

Each of your five GMAT scores, consisting of four GMAT sections and a total score, is reported on a fixed scale. These are the scores that appear on your GMAT Score Report as official. These scores will be sent to the people you choose. Always remember that the GMAT Total Score Report only takes into account the Verbal and Quantitative sections of the exam.

The following components make up the GMAT Score Report:

Your Quantitative Score (0–60), with percentile Your Verbal Score (0–60), with percentile Your Total GMAT Score (200–800), with percentile AWA Score (0–6), with percentile Integrated Reasoning score (integer from 1 to 8)

Scores Range on the GMAT

The minimum and maximum GMAT score range for each section, as well as a mean average, are listed below:

SectionScore RangeMean Scores*
Analytical Writing Assessment0-64.5
integrated Reasoning1-84

When will the GMAT score be released?

Except for the AWA Score, candidates receive almost the entire GMAT Score Report shortly after completing the GMAT test. The candidate will be able to accept or reject the offer. The candidate and the institutes of choice can view the GMAT result if the candidate accepts it; however, if the candidate declines it, none of the parties will be able to see it. Candidates can obtain a non-official GMAT result after the exam is completed. Finally, candidates receive their complete GMAT Score Report, including the AWA Score, within 20 days of taking the test.

Calculating Your GMAT Score

Each of your five GMAT scores, consisting of four GMAT sections and a total score, is reported on a fixed scale. These are the scores that appear on your GMAT Score Report as official. These scores will be sent to the people you’ve chosen to receive them. Always remember that the GMAT Total Score Report only considers the Verbal and Quantitative sections of the exam.

The following components make up the GMAT Score Report:

Your Quantitative Score (0–60), with percentile Your Verbal Score (0–60), with percentile Your Total GMAT Score (200–800), with percentile AWA Score (0–6), with percentile Integrated Reasoning score (integer from 1 to 8)

How do I get a copy of my GMAT score report?

GMAC sends a link to the candidates’ registered email addresses.
Candidates can check their official GMAT score report by following the instructions in the email and using the link provided in the email.

Validity of GMAT Scores

Candidates should be aware that their GMAT scores are valid for five years. As a result, candidates should check various universities’ application deadlines and schedule their GMAT exams accordingly.

GMAT Scholarship

B-schools usually award scholarships and grants for professional programs like MBA. A GMAT scholarship 2022 can also be need-based or merit-based, but there are no set rules for awarding them. It depends on the school’s admission process, so always check with the school directly. There are also full and partial scholarships. A full scholarship covers the entire program fee, while a partial one only covers part. You can also read about GMAT Scholarships for Indian students here.

Average GMAT scores in Nepal

The average GMAT scores score in Nepal is less than 500 hundred which is a very poor score than other countries.


Yes, the GMAT and GMAT online exams follow the same format.

The GMAT is a computer adaptive test that adapts to the candidate’s performance. The questions get harder or easier depending on whether the candidate gets them right or wrong. If the candidate answers correctly, the questions become more difficult, and vice versa. Also, the candidate cannot go back because the next question is generated based on the current question’s performance. To proceed in the exam, the candidate must answer a question about whether he can solve it or not.

This score compares your performance to other test-takers. If you scored in the 80th percentile, you outperformed 80% of the candidates. A high percentile means you outperformed most of the exam takers. Similarly, a low percentile means you did worse than most candidates.

Candidates are not permitted to bring their own calculators but will be provided with basic calculators for the Integrated section.

Quantitative, Verbal, Analytical Writing Assessment, and Integrated Reasoning are all part of the GMAT exam. It examines the test takers’ critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

GMAC has announced that beginning September 22, 2020, candidates will be able to take the GMAT online exam twice in 12 months. GMAT online exams taken before September 23, 2020, will not be counted toward the lifetime limit cap.

The cost of rescheduling a GMAT online exam is $25.

The cancellation fee for the GMAT online exam is $100.

The GMAT online exam is open to anyone who is eligible to take the GMAT exam.

The exam structure for the GMAT 2022 exam is identical to that of the GMAT 2020 exam.

The GMAT does not have any negative markings.

You can prepare for the GMAT in one month, but 2-3 months is a good amount of time.

GMAT costs $275 

Graduate Management Admission Test

A common fact about Gmat is students think that it is a complicated test, but it is not true. If students use the proper way to crack it, it is easy to crack the GMAT

Here are a few useful links for studying and preparing for the GMAT:

The official GMAT website ( is the best place to start, as it provides test format, content, and registration information.
GMAT study materials and practice tests ( – You can purchase or download free study materials and take practice tests to help you prepare for the exam.
GMAT study group ( – This website is a community of GMAT test takers and offers a variety of resources, such as study plans, practice questions, and tips from other test takers.
GMATPrep Software ( – This official GMATPrep software provides free practice tests and additional study materials.
Kaplan GMAT ( offers a variety of GMAT prep courses and materials.
It’s also recommended to check out the GMAT subreddit ( for further tips and discussion.

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