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MBA Entrance Preparation in Nepal

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MBA Entrance Preparation in Nepal

You can enroll for MBA from different disciplines in Nepal. In Nepal, MBA is offered by three main universities, KU (Kathmandu University), PU(Pokhara University), and TU (Trivuban University). You can also choose an international affiliated university for MBA. 

For MBA Entrance in Nepal, there is a huge competition for KUMAT ( for KU) and SOMAT(for TU), and PUMAT Scholarship.

KUMAT for MBA in Nepal


KUMAT is GMAT bases Test not exactly but most part follows the GMAT test but students who prepare for GMAT easily crack KUMAT Test. For more information, you can visit here

You can also visit

KU Official Website

KUMAT preparation in MKSprep

I am associated with KUMAT preparation since it starts so I better understand its pattern and changes.

SOMAT MBA Entrance for TU Nepal


SOMAT is also based on GMAT Test but it includes some other portions like case analysis and some other areas. 

for more information, you can visit here

PUMAT MBA Entrance for PU Nepal