IELTS Academic vs IELTS General in Nepal

IELTS Academic vs IELTS General in Nepal

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IELTS Academic vs IELTS General in Nepal

What is the difference between IELTS General and IELTS Academic? is the most often asked question among IELTS test participants.
Many people who take the IELTS test are unsure which one to take, resulting in the never-ending IELTS Academic vs IELTS General debate.

The quick answer is that it depends on your reasons for taking IELTS.

You must take the IELTS Academic if you want to study at an English-speaking university or register as a professional. If you’re taking it for immigration purposes, you’ll need to take the IELTS General exam.

Let’s go over the fundamentals of both IELTS categories so you can answer the question, “What is the difference between IELTS General and IELTS Academic?”

The IELTS test is divided into four sections:

1. Writing (task 1 & 2)
2. Reading
3. Listening
4. Speaking
Writing Both IELTS Academic and IELTS General have the same Task 2: Listening and Speaking.
The essay is the second writing task. You will be given a 40-minute essay question to respond to in at least 250 words.
You will hear four audio recordings and must answer 40 questions in the Listening test. It lasts about 30 to 40 minutes.
An examiner will interview you during the Speaking test. The interview, a short presentation, and a discussion are all part of this test. It lasts approximately 11-14 minutes.
So, what’s the difference between IELTS Academic and General? Writing task 1 and the type of text found in the reading section are the answers.

IELTS Academic vs IELTS General tests:
Writing Task 1

Academic IELTS
In one of the following ways, describe and analyze data:
1. Bar graph
2. Line graph
3. Pie chart
4. Table

General IELTS
1. Create a letter in one of the styles below:
2. Formal (to someone you do not know)
3. Semi-formal  (to someone you know formally)
4. informal (to friends or family)
You have 20 minutes to finish the task. In both Academic and General IELTS, the first task is writing. At least 150 words are required.

IELTS Academic vs IELTS General:
Reading Task

3 long passages, increasing in difficulty in IELTS Academic reading task 3
Texts were written in a formal style (journal articles, textbook extracts)
Science, history, and sociology-related texts
IELTS General reading assignment
4 short passages that get longer and more difficult as they go.
Texts that are more general/everyday
Job descriptions, employment contracts, and other workplace documents; general texts (newspapers, magazines, travel brochures etc.)
Both IELTS Academic and IELTS General give you an hour to complete the entire reading task.
Time management advice from the pros: Use the first 50 minutes to read, take notes if necessary, and then use the last 10 minutes to transfer your answers into your answer sheet/select your answers (computer-delivered IELTS test)

Which of the two IELTS tests, Academic or General, is best for you?

As previously stated, it is dependent on your reason for taking the test.

Here are some examples.

Ram is attempting to gain admission to an Australian university. He intends to pursue a Master of Business Administration degree at the University of Melbourne. The University of Melbourne has requested an IELTS test with a minimum overall band score of 6 despite his graduation from an English-speaking university. Ram must complete the IELTS Academic in order to be considered for admission to the Master’s program. 

Sita is visiting from Nepal on a Working Holiday visa. She has applied for a position with a London-based IT firm.
The company has requested proof of Sita’s English proficiency. Sita must pass the IELTS Academic exam.

Radha is a Nepalese dentist. She has relocated to Sydney and wishes to register with the Australian Dental Board. Radha will need to pass the IELTS Academic in order to do so.

Last year, Hari went to Ontario and met the love of his life. He now wishes to move to Canada in order to be with her.
Hari passed the IELTS General Test as part of his immigration application.

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