Required Documents for Australian Student Visa Application

Required Documents for Australian Student Visa Application (For Nepal 2023)

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Required Documents for Australian Student Visa Application for Nepalese Students – 2022

So you should be good to go to Australia. Getting into the college you want to go to is just the beginning. What comes after the lengthy application process is just as necessary: the Australia visa application. So, once you’ve decided what kind of student visa you need to study in Australia, you’ll need a few essential documents before starting the Visa Application Process. Since the process for Indian students is done online, having all the necessary documents is vital.

Documents are needed to apply for an Australian student visa.

For a student visa in Australia, certain documents must be shown. These are used for background checks, confirmation of admission, and health-related information. Here’s what you need to do to get an Australian student visa:

1. Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)

The university or college you applied to will give you a certificate called “Confirmation of Enrollment.” The certificate is a sign that you are enrolled in the course. It also shows that the course you want to take has been approved and is listed on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions of Courses (CRICOS). This must be done to get a Visa.

Also, you may want to take an English Language Course, a bridging course, or any foundation course before your main degree program. In that case, you need to provide a separate Certificate of Eligibility (CoE) for each course you want to take.

2. Valid Passport

When you apply, you must have a valid passport that is still good for at least six months. For instance, let’s say you want a Visa on July 1, 2015. You must have a suitable visa until at least January 1, 2016, when you fill out your application. During your stay, you will also need a valid passport. In that case, you can apply for a new passport after you’ve sent in your Visa application. When you get your new passport, you can inform the embassy and update your account with the new passport number and details.

3. English Language Proficiency

Nepalese students who want an Australian visa must have an English Language Proficiency Certificate. No matter the requirements for the course you want to take, you must show proof that you can speak English when filling out the Visa Application Form.

The Australian Immigration Department accepts 5 English Language Proficiency Tests, which are:

(a) International English Language Testing System with a minimum score of 6 overall and a 6.5 on each section.

(b) Occupational English Test (OET) with a score of at least B in each section

(c) Test of English as a Foreign Language Internet-based Test (TOEFL iBT) with a minimum score of 12 for listening, 13 for reading, 21 for writing, and 18 for speaking. 

(d) Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic with a minimum score of 50 in each section.

(d) Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) test with a minimum score of 171 in each of the four sections.

Note: No matter which of the first four tests you give, you can only take up to three years before you apply for a visa. For CAE, any test is taken after January 1, 2016, and before a visa is applied is accepted.

4. Checkups and insurance for health

To get a student visa for Australia, you need to show that you are in good health. You can give them a certificate that says you are healthy. Only the doctors on the list can provide the health checkup and certificate. For the same thing, you can make an appointment with the one closest to you. You would be given a HAP ID that you would need to provide when filling out the form.

After you start the visa application, you can sometimes also ask for a health checkup. But this is something that would be needed to process your visa. Getting it ahead of time would speed up the process.

You would also need Health Insurance, an OSHC, and a health checkup (Overseas Students’ Health Cover). You should have an Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the length of your visa when you apply for it. Your visa length will depend on how long your health insurance will cover you, so ensure it lasts as long as your course. OSHC costs an average of $591 per year for a single student.

5. Evidence of Money

Like in many other countries, you would have to prove that you have enough money to pay for your education and living costs while in Australia. You would have to prove that you have enough money to stay in Australia for the whole time you want to be there. In general, the funds should be used to:

(i) Costs of travel to and from Australia

(ii) How much it costs to live in Australia

(iii) Tuition costs

This is important, and if you want a student loan to pay for school, you’ll need a letter from your bank to prove that you can afford it.

6. Penal Clearance

Students who want to study in Australia must also get a “Penal Clearance” or “police clearance.” You would need to give the regional passport office a properly signed and attested document to prove your good character and that you don’t have a criminal record.

7. Official copies of academic transcripts and passport

You would also need copies of all your school documents and authentic and valid transcripts. This is one of the most important documents you need to apply for an Australian student visa. Applicants must ensure they only send in real documents so their visa applications are not turned down.

8. Passport-sized photos

You would have to send in 4 photos the size of a passport. When you send it in, you should make sure that the following:

(i) These pictures only show the head, shoulders, and plain background.
(ii) Your name is written on the back of each picture.

9. GTE Requirement

This is a statement that the applicant must write to show that they want to study in Australia and give good reasons why they want to do so. The statement must say whether the stay is temporary or permanent.

10. History of Jobs

The students can send in their most recent CVs, resumes, and pay stubs to show that they have jobs. This is to find out where the applicant has worked before, and it can also be used as an extra background check.

11. Credit/ Debit Card

Lastly, if you want to pay a visa fee online, you will need a debit or credit card. The fee for a Student Visa is currently AUD 650. This could change, so students should check the official website before starting the application process.

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