Study Cost in Austrelia

Study Cost for Study in Australia: Tuition Fees, Living Cost and Other Expenses

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Australia has kept up its steady flow of international students. As of March 2022, it had enrolled 440,220 students, an increase of 11% from last year. These numbers show not only a massive change in the economy but also that Australia is the second most popular place in the world for people who want to study abroad, after the USA.

Australia is a country that draws students from all over the world for many different reasons. Australia has some of the best universities in the world, just like every other country. These universities keep improving because they keep coming up with new ideas, have great teachers, and offer a good education. And while the academics are a big draw, it may be the only country with excellent living conditions and the promise of great student life. So, how much does that kind of life cost? How much does studying in Australia cost?

Cost of Studying in Australia

Today, we will look at some of the highest school costs in Australia. First, we’ll talk about the cost of tuition at Australian universities. Next, we’ll talk about the cost of living in Australia. Finally, we’ll talk about the cost of an Australian student visa.

Australian Tuition Fees

Let’s start with the essential cost of studying abroad and look at how much it costs for international students to go to school in Australia at different stages. The table below gives a general idea of how much different types of qualifications in Australia cost for international students. Note that expensive courses like veterinary and medical are not included in these costs. Read on to find out how much it will cost a student from Nepal to go to Australia:

Degree LevelCost/Year Level in AUD
English language studiesAUD 300 per week
Vocational Education and TrainingAUD 4,000 – 22,000
Undergraduate Bachelor DegreeAUD 20,000 – 45,000
Postgraduate Master’s DegreeAUD 22,000 – 50,000
Doctoral DegreeAUD 18,000 – 42,000

Even though tuition is the most significant expense for international students in Australia, other costs are closely related to tuition. We added this part so that students could understand how much it would cost to study in the country. Most of the time, these are the different costs a college student must consider. Since these costs are required, they are an essential part of college life and go hand in hand with tuition costs.
In Australia, these costs usually include insurance, books and supplies, personal expenses, student service and amenities fees, recreation fees, the security fund, the registration and application fee, and a few other costs. Costs for food and lodging are on top of that. Again, these are different at each school. Applicants should know that some fees can be charged once a year or per semester. A student should know this before figuring out how much it will cost to study in Australia.

Costs of Living in Australia

Aside from tuition costs, applicants must pay for the second most important cost, living in Australia. The fact that Australian cities stand out for having a high standard of living also means they have a higher cost of living. Here’s a breakdown of things like rent, utilities, entertainment, etc.

Australia’s Accommodation Expenses

Here are the different rental prices for different types of boarding for students who want to study in Australia.

Boarding TypesBoarding Cost
Boarding schoolsAUD 11,000 – 22,000 a year
On-campusAUD 100 – 300 per week
Shared RentalAUD 95 – 215 per week
Hostels and GuesthousesAUD 90 – 150 per week
RentalAUD 185 – 440 per week
HomestayAUD 235 – 325 per week

Other costs of living

Most of the money spent on living costs goes toward housing, but other costs make up the cost of living in Australia.

ComponentsCosts in AUD
Phone and InternetAUD 15 – 30 per week
Public transportAUD 30 – 60 per week
Groceries and eating outAUD 140 – 280 per week
EntertainmentAUD 80 – 150 per week
Car (after purchase)AUD 150 – 260 per week
Gas, electricityAUD 10 – 20 per week

Students’ and guardians’ living costs for a year would be about AUD 21,041. If a student came with a partner, it would cost an extra AUD 7,362; if a minor came along, it would cost an additional AUD 3,152.

ComponentsCost of living in AUD
Students or guardiansAUD$21,041
Having a child with themAUD$3,152
Having a partner with youAUD$7,362

Please note that the cost of living in Australia depends on what students choose and how they live. The cost of living would be higher if you lived a lavish lifestyle but lower if you lived a moderate or straightforward life.

Australia Student Visa

Now, let’s talk about the third part. Those who have a letter of acceptance from an Australian university can apply for an Australian Study Visa, which will let them legally go to Australia to study. The Base Application Fee for an Australian Student Visa (subclass 500) is AUD 620 + AUD 460 (if you are 18 or older) or + AUD 150. (if under 18).

How much money do you need to go to college in Australia?

The price of studying in Australia depends on the course, university, and living situation that an international student chooses. So, the costs depend on the level of study and the place where it is done.

How much do doctoral degrees in Australia cost each year?

Australia charges between AUD 14,000 and AUD 37,000 per year for doctoral degrees.

Does the cost of undergraduate and graduate school in Australia change?

Yes, the cost of both UG and PG courses in Australia depends on the course you choose, how long it is, how many credits you finish, and whether or not you can get a scholarship.

How can international students figure out how much it will cost them to go to school in Australia?

 Foreign students can figure out how much it will cost them to study in Australia in three easy steps:
(i) Look up your course and credits, and then figure out how much it will cost.
(ii) Add up the costs of your student visa (subclass 500) and OHSC.
(iii) The cost of studying in Australia is the sum you get.

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