Student Visa Requirements for South Korea

Student Visa Requirements for South Korea

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Student Visa Requirements for South Korea

Visa Types:

  1. D-2 Visa:
    • Required for studying major courses at certain universities.
    • Can be for 6 months or 1 year, extendable during the course.
    • Extension required every 6 months or 1 year until the completion of studies.
  2. D-4 Visa:
    • A language visa for learning Korean in South Korea.
    • Essential for language proficiency before entering the university.
    • Can be converted to a D-2 visa after completing a Korean language class, but it’s more expensive.

D-4 Visa Details:

  • Purpose:
    • For learning the Korean language.
    • Does not allow studying major courses or working in South Korea.

D-2 Visa Eligibility:

  • IELTS Requirement:
    • Must have completed IELTS in Nepal.

Conversion from D-4 to D-2:

  • Possible after completing a Korean language class in South Korea.
  • It is more expensive compared to applying directly for a D-2 visa.

Documents Required for Visa Application:

  1. Valid Passport
  2. IELTS Score:
    • Required for programs in the English language.
    • Typically, a score of 5.5 for Bachelor’s and 6 for Master’s programs.
  3. Academic Documents:
    • Mark sheets and Character certificates from school, intermediate, and Bachelor levels.
    • Provisional Certificate.
  4. Bank Balance Statement:
    • In the student’s name with exclusive access.
  5. CV (Curriculum Vitae)
  6. SOP (Statement of Purpose)
  7. No Objection Letter
  8. Birth Certificate
  9. Property Evaluation

Eligibility for South Korean Universities:

  • Bachelor’s Program:
    • Minimum second division in +2 level in any field.
  • Master’s Program:
    • Completion of the Bachelor’s level.

Application Submission to Korean Embassy:

  • Submit all required documents for visa processing.
  • The embassy checks for document authenticity and completeness.
  • Inadequate or forged documents may lead to rejection.

Post-Study Opportunities:

D-10 Visa:

  • Purpose:
    • Job seekers’ visas are valid for six months after graduation.
  • Eligibility:
    • After successfully completing the program in South Korea.
  • Employment:
    • Full-time job search during the visa validity.
  • Opportunity:
    • Explore work opportunities and secure a job in South Korea.

Note: Visa requirements and processes may vary between universities, and it’s essential to check specific university guidelines and the latest information from the Korean Embassy.

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