seoul national university

Seoul National University (SNU)

1 Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul 151-742 South Korea

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Seoul National University: A Comprehensive Overview


  • Founded in 1946, Seoul National University (SNU) is South Korea’s premier national university.
  • Main campus: Gwanak campus in Seoul, with additional medical and agricultural education and research campuses.

Tuition and Financial Support:

  • Uniform tuition costs for domestic and international students vary by subject area.
  • Many international students benefit from scholarships covering tuition costs.
  • A work-study program is available, allowing international students to work on campus for 40-60 hours per month.
  • University housing is provided for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Academic Structure:

  • Sixteen colleges for undergraduates offer a diverse range of programs.
  • Graduate school with numerous master’s and doctoral programs.
  • Ten professional schools in business, environmental studies, and law.

Language of Instruction:

  • The primary language of instruction is Korean.
  • 10-20% of courses are offered in English, with higher proportions in engineering and business colleges.

Faculty and Research:

  • About 95% of faculty members hold doctoral degrees.
  • Semester-based academic calendar starting in March.
  • Research organizations include the Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies, Peace and Unification Studies, and the Big Data Institute.

SNU Data (as of the latest available information):

  • Total Students: 26,209
  • International students: 2,540
  • Academic staff: 1,736
  • International staff: 121
  • Undergraduate degrees awarded: 3,215
  • Doctoral degrees awarded: 1,463
  • Research-only staff: 1,537
  • New undergraduate students: 3,099
  • New doctoral students: 753

Seoul National University is a prestigious institution that fosters academic excellence, international collaboration, and research innovation.

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